David Spiller

The Power of Love, 2016

  • Acrylic and pencil on canvas
  • 39 x 34 ins


This is a hand written note from a favourite song; an important, urgent message. David wanted to capture the immediacy of a scrappy note and repeatedly wrote and re-wrote the same text countless times to make its sentiment read correctly. Writing it out over and over again drilled the importance of the words home, ingraining the message into his psyche, like writing lines at school. An action designed to capture the energy and meaning of the song in pencil before faithfully transposing it in black paint onto canvas.
I wanted to express the spirit conveyed by U2's song: It's a beautiful day... Don't let it get awayYou have to seize the dayYou have to do what has to be done.

Written by Xavier Spiller-Cameron