David Spiller

Now or Never, 2010

  • Acrylic and pencil on canvas
  • 59 x 59 ins


I want to have some fun and paint... A splash of paint in another context that is all it isUnless you put it into the right context it remains just thatLike a pebble on a beach, until a child picks it up and says: Oh, isn't that beautiful.David painted for his own satisfaction, a desire to step outside his comfort zone. He felt passionately that he should always have the freedom to express and paint whatever he wanted. He felt that it was crucial not to 'limit' himself and be typecast, preferring to challenge and break away from constraints.

He had no preconceptions of how this painting would end up; just a fervent wish to push the boundaries. Always admiring Picasso for changing his style, David was restless for change and wanted to be free, with no inhibitions. He often wrote 'no fear' and 'it's now or never', aware that time was running away, age and loss are evident in the scribbled messages, communicating mortality and fragility. At this point in his career he felt he needed to be brave, never wanting to play it safe.

To make this painting he covered the floor in swatches of canvas. He arranged and re-arranged them to combine 6 individually balanced panels, his building blocks, his wall. Taking ideas and images from varied resources - Venetian window grates, Auerbach's building sites and King Solomon's mines - and combined them with his own gestural, scribbled marks. Every element was as important as each other.

He felt compelled to say what had to be said and do what had to be done.

Trust in your heartThere are no rules

Written by Xavier Spiller-Cameron