David Spiller

Love Me Do, 1997

  • Acrylic and pencil on canvas
  • 84 x 109 ins


Love Me Do was not meant to be easy but deliberately intended to be David's monumental epitaph. His Guernica. He wanted to make a larger than life painting, a wall of canvas. Aware of this challenge, David maintained the desire to make a grand statement, it was executed at the end of an era- a last stand. Since then, this epic painting has never been out of the studio, not even mounted onto a stretcher since it's conception.

All the fundamental elements of David's work can be seen displayed here: the standout iconic cartoon character; the lyrics from the Beatles and the text in both the projected form (Love Me Do) and stenciled (All My Loving; paint splashes, hand and footprints, goggle-eyed figures and scribbled messages of love. David worked for months on this one piece, like a performance artist. He worked on the canvas flat on the floor, irreverently walked across it, threw paint at it, crawled on his hands and knees scrubbing it to impregnate the history of the pitted surface of his studio floor. The final act was to lie on it to scrawl his personal messages, urgent notes, the family portraits. David declared his inner thoughts and shared his most heartfelt feelings. A huge exertion of energy, time and emotion - a labour of love.

Painting is what my life is. I treasure it.You can read what you want into it. It's not media art, it's man's handprint, woman's handprint, it's our handprintAll we're all doing is leaving our fingerprintsLeaving our mark.

Written by Xavier Spiller-Cameron