David Spiller

True Love, 2015

  • Acrylic and pencil on canvas
  • 32 x 28 ins


The thing that I drew, that was magic for me, was the cinema - was Donald Duck, was Felix, was Mickey MouseI could draw him, he was mine: My Mickey Mouse. That was the power of doing it. With this cruddy little piece of chalk I could make him come aliveIt was like learning to write: I'm here! These were 'people' I knew. I was at home with them and could get on with painting themWhat I like about cartoons is that kids get it straight away. They don't say it's 'Pop Art', they say 'it's Mickey Mouse'. What I am saying is judge it from your feelings, not from what you think about art and all thatJust be young about it.Cartoons have entertained millions of people throughout the 20th century and David believed that they are important contemporary idols to whom we can all relate. David always admired the tradition of portrait painters but didn't want to paint people you wouldn't know, preferring to portray instantly recognisable characters. To him these characters were as important and as worthy of a place in history as kings and queens by Gainsborough or a self-portrait by Rembrandt and David felt that these crazy entertainers deserved their place in the history of art. He always marvelled at how these iconic characters transcend age, language and continents. Technologically ground-breaking and much loved by many generations, David wanted his work to be accessible to all and his paintings should be fun. They transported David back to his childhood. He always said we shouldn't lose our inner childlike qualities of wonder and surprise.
I always knew you should love the children but you should also love the little bit of child in you

Written by Xavier Spiller-Cameron