John Piper

(05) Limestone Ravine

  • Painted in 1942
  • Oil on canvas laid on board
  • 15.75 x 11.5 ins

On Loan

Redfern Gallery, London

London, Leicester Galleries, New Year: Part 2, February 1943, no. 112

In August 1942, Piper visited North Yorkshire to prepare his
article entitled Notes from a Yorkshire Journal for the
Geographical Magazine. This is Ease Gill Kirk, a steep sided,
sheltered limestone ravine found towards the lower end of
Ease Gill. As well as Ease Gill, Piper went to Gordale Scar,
Yordas, Weathercote and Gatekirk. David Fraser Jenkins
notes that 'these sites had been painted in the years around
1800 by J.M.W. Turner, James Ward and other romantic
artists' (exhibition catalogue, John Piper, London, Tate
Gallery, 1983, p. 112).