F C B Cadell


  • Signed (lower left)
  • Oil on canvas board
  • 15 x 18 ins


H. King-Webster Collection
Thence by descent
Private Collection

Cadell first visited Iona in 1912 and, with the exception of the war years, returned annually. He introduced S.J. Peploe to the island and both artists painted there together. During his summer visits Cadell produced some of his most distinctive works. The radiant freshness of these scenes mark them out as quintessential Cadell paintings. His light white, blue, green, brown, pink and violet tones endow these scenes with an extraordinary beauty as he paints the infinitely variable, moving light of the west coast of Scotland.

Cadell manages to capture the mood of these scenes in an exaltation of the beauty and energy of the natural world of Iona. He showed a freedom of expression in his Iona pictures that is perhaps best shown by a painting such as this - part of the power of the work is in its purity and simplicity. The rolling white sands of these beaches that are so typical of Cadell's Iona works give way to the beautiful aquamarines and turquoises beyond. The sea is a wonderful shade of blue and green, with Cadell depicting the effect of light and shade on the water and the white sands beneath in a typically elegant and uplifting style.