Summer Exhibition 2016

27 July - 9 September 2016

This exhibition showcases has been carefully curated to bring together some of the best works being produced by our contemporary artists and a selection of works by artists from bygone eras. We have tried to create a conversation between modern day artists and those who have come before them in order to project a sense of context behind the works of many of the artists featured.
It goes without saying that each artist has their own unique vision, but, for instance, seeing the interaction between the still lifes of Scottish contemporary artists Archie Forrest and Kirsty Wither within the historical context of the works of influential still life artists Peploe and Cadell before them creates an interesting picture of how art has evolved and moved over the course of the last hundred years. Similarly, seeing Frances Macdonald's familiar palette knife technique taking on subjects tackled by the Scottish Colourists in very different fashion is an interesting way of viewing how artistic thinking and techniques have changed and developed in recent history.
There is also a great sense of symmetry in viewing the works of landscape painter Ian Houston within the broader context of the works of his former teacher, Edward Seago. How does the latter influence the former, and how has the student developed that which the teacher instructed?
Many of the artists included in this exhibition will be having solo shows at Portland Gallery in the coming year. If you would like to be notified of any of their exhibitions in advance, please do let us know and we will keep you informed.