Barbara Rae Prints

14 June - 31 August 2017

We are delighted to be exhibiting an extensive selection of screenprints, monotypes and etchings by Barbara Rae RA throughout June - August, which have been carefully selected with the artist, coninciding with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. An e-catalogue will be available from early June, please contact Maria Morrow if you would like to register your interest. 020 7493 1888

Swinging Out Into The Void | British Abstract Art

26 June - 31 August 2017

Portland Gallery is delighted to present Swinging Out Into The Void.

This exhibition will explore the differing practices of some of the most acclaimed British abstract artists working in second half of the Twentieth Century.

"The abstract painter submits himself entirely to the un-known ... he is like a man swinging out into the void; his only props his colours, his shapes and their space-creating powers." Roger Hilton

The show will comprise of 24 works, which can be reserved and purchased prior to the exhibition opening.


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