Born 1957, East Peckham, Kent
1962 - 67 Studied at East Peckham Primary
1967 - 72 Studied at Hugh Christie Secondary

Bunt's work is inspired by Christopher Wood, Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Alan Lowndes, Mary Fedden, Mary Newcombe, many more but don't like to name drop!


1964 My Yellow Book for good conduct and helpfulness
1965 Tunbridge Wells Recorder Festival
1967 20 yards Swimming Certificate - Doggy paddle
1968 Cycling Proficiency
1970 1 Gold Award for House points
1972 Mr Howard, 6 strokes
1977 Awarded caution for possession of cannabis
1978 3 points for speeding
1983 Wedding Certificate (No1)
1983 Son 7lb, 12oz
1986 Decree Nisi
1987 Absolute discharge from Bankruptcy
1989 Wedding Certificate (No 2)
1994 Daughter 6lb, 2oz
2001 Reiki Master
2003 Baptism and Confirmation Certificate
2005 Parking Ticket Tonbridge & Malling District Council


2008 Art London
2009 Portland Gallery
2009 Art London
2010 Portland Gallery
2012 Portland Gallery
2013 Portland Gallery
2015 Portland Gallery
2016 Portland Gallery
2016 Portland Gallery, By The Grace of God


2017 Portland Gallery


Brooke Quinteros - Speech Therapist
Joy Caws
J C Shotton - E. N. T. Surgeon
John Pereira - (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon)
Debbie Collins - Macmillan Radiotherapy Specialist
Thomas Corum Foundation
Mr & Mrs P Chapman
Warwick Museum
Dave the Butcher
Bill - Dad's cousin
Janet & David Adams
Ex Bond Girl
Anne from the Chemist
Mum & Dad
Rosemary Langford - Wife's friend
Holly Johnson
And a lady of good stock from Yorkshire
Rick from Devon
And many many other nice people that are ALL important to me.................