John Piper


  • Mixed media
  • 14 x 21 ins


Signed, inscribed and dated 1969

There is a same-titled color screenprint by the Artist, printed by Kelpra Studios, London, and published by Marlborough Fine Art, London, after this subject (see Levinson 198).

The titles (of my work) are the names of places, meaning that there was an involvement there, at a special time: an experience affected by the weather, the season and the country, but above all concerned with the exact location and it's spirit for me. The spread of moss on a wall, A pattern of vineyards or a perspective of hop-poles may be the peg, but it is not hop-poles or vineyards or church towers that these pictures are meant to be about, but the emotion generated by them at one moment in one special placeextract from European Topography by John Piper, 1969