J D Fergusson

Rose Rhythm (Kathleen Dillon)

  • Oil on canvas
  • 22 x 20 ins


Fergusson approached new developments in art from a celtic point of view and he equated the early progression into cubism with the more decorative quality of traditional Scotish art. This allowed him to approach these changes on his own terms. Rose Rhythm is a perfect example of this. As Fergusson himself explains: So...I painted Rose Rhythm - going from the very centre convolutions to her nostril, lips, eyebrows, brooch, buttons, background cushions, right through. At last, this was my statement of something throughly Celtic.

Of the four colourists Fergusson was the most up to date with modernist developments. He was impressed and influenced by the work of the Fauvres he saw in Paris and his work was by far the most experiemental of the Colourists.