F C B Cadell

The Shore at Calva, Iona

  • Signed (lower left)
  • Oil on canvas board
  • 14 x 18 ins


The estate of Mr A. Sharp, Glasgow
Cadell first visited Iona in the summer 1912, he was the first of the Colourists to do so and was instantly attracted to the island as a result of its remote and rocky shores, white sandy beaches, deep blue see and the outline of surrounding islands. Cadell returned to the Hebredean island each summer, spending up to four months there, until the outbreak of the First World War. After the war he returned to Iona and in 1920 persuaded SJ Peploe to join him. This was to be the first of many trips the artistic duo made together to Iona. Whilst Peploe concentrated his focus on the architectural quality of the land, Cadell's Iona views depicted the rocks, beaches and hills reduced to geometrical forms. Painted mainly on 15 x 18 inch uniform boards that could easily be carried around by the artist, they were prepared with a white absorbent ground. To realise the chalky appearance of sand, Cadell would dab most of the oil out of the paint before applying it resulting in the brilliant white overall effect, suggestive of the characteristic light of the island.

Cadell's Iona views were instantly popular with his patrons and have continued to be admired by critics as records of one of the most beautiful and remote wildernesses in the British Isles.